Investigation of the week

Sabotaged coffee machine now only serves tomato soup

From 12 April to 18 April 2018

This week, one last, well-seasoned, investigation that will satisfy your craving to learn more about invisible disabilities.

Mistake? Joke? Sabotage? Who is guilty? Arielle and her stomach cancer, Franck and his Crohn's disease, or Aude and her multiple sclerosis?

Clue: Nobody’s perfect!

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Game Rules

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5 weeks - 5 investigations

Each week, three suspects, 18 clues and three invisible disabilities. Your flair will help solve enigmas, never -or only rarely- encountered in the corporate world.

Recommended by the FBI

Uncompleted Dictionary


Dear inspector, while you stroke your perfectly waxed moustache, please read and reread the uncompleted dictionary of invisible disabilities by Pr G. Boneuil… you’ll find part of the solution hidden there, for sure.